Result Announcement 

The results were announced publicly at the MICCAI 2020 challenge session. After the session, the results will be published on the challenge website at this page.

Conference Session

The top 3 and 4 to 10 ranking teams for each task will be advised two weeks prior to the MICCAI challenge meeting but they will not receive their individual ranking. The top 3 teams will be asked to prepare a 10-minute presentation of their method at the challenge session. The remaining 7 top ranked teams (out of the 10) will be asked to prepare a short pitch (1 minute) about their method for the meeting. This will be performed separately for the two tasks: detection and segmentation. If any of the top teams overlap in both tasks, then they will not be required to present twice. 

All participating teams in the challenge that submit their methods before the deadline will be asked to prepare a poster for the challenge session. After all presentations at the challenge meeting, all rankings will be announced including the individual rankings of the top-10 and the winner of the challenge for each task. 


After the challenge, this website will be updated with the results. We will continue to keep the challenge open and a live leader board will be added on the website for submissions received after the deadline. This can be used for benchmarking of submitted methods that are after the conference.