Welcome to the Aneurysm Detection And segMentation Challenge 2020. This is a medical image analysis challenge organised as part of MICCAI 2020, however it remains open for new and future submissions. The challenge workshop was held at the MICCAI Conference, 8th October 2020.


The purpose of this challenge is to compare methods of automatically detecting and segmenting unruptured intracranial aneurysms from Time of Flight Magnetic Resonance Angiographs (TOF-MRAs).


Teams that wish to participate in this challenge should register here. Once your registration has been approved, it is possible to download all of the provided training data. The training data comprises 113 sets of brain MR images where each set includes one Time of Flight MRA (TOF-MRA) and one structural MR image (either T1, T2 or FLAIR). 20 of the images do not contain a diagnosed intracranial aneurysm. For the remaining 93 scans, manual annotations of unruptured intracranial aneurysms are provided in the form of binary masks. All manual annotations were made by experts in the the field of medical annotations and checked by an experienced radiologist.

Participants can train their methods on the available data and submit the resulting method for evaluation by the organisers. A brief description (1-2 pages) of the method should be included. Test data will not be released, but consists of 142 sets of brain MR images, where 25 of the images do not contain any diagnosed intracranial aneurysms.


The challenge continues to remain open for new and future submissions! All submissions will be evaluated by the organisers against the test set, ad we hope to get the results to you within a couple of weeks of submission. Your results will then be added to the live leaderboard.

MICCAI 2020: Timeline (past)

3rd April 2020: Website goes live and training data is released

17th August 2020: Deadline for submission of methods for MICCAI 2020

20th September 2020: Top 10 performing teams on each task contacted and asked to prepare oral presentation for conference. (top 3 (for each task) – 10 minutes, remaining 7 (for each task) – 1 minute pitches)

8th October 2020: (09:00-13:00 UTC ) Challenge session at MICCAI 2020 and release of all results.

Note: submissions are still possible after MICCAI 2020 conference and will still be evaluated by the organisers against the test set, however they will not be included in the MICCAI 2020 challenge ranking.